I really do belive there are moments that nobody would ever see If i hadn't photographed it.

Becoming a mother has changed the way I approach my family photo sessions. It’s made me understand the depths of your love; the wild journey that is parenthood. I now realize that a parent grows just as much as their child does, and that your family photos mean everything to you because it's the only way you can hold onto these fleeting moments.

With that said, your photo session should be a low-stress time to make real memories together. Step outside of your busy routine, and just be present. Let go of this idea that things need to be picture perfect, and just let the kids be kids. Give me your trust, and I will show you the beauty in your story. 

I can't wait to create with you.

When it comes to newborn photography, specifically...

I know that navigating postpartum and early parenthood can feel like a lot. That's why I strive to make our newborn sessions feel easy and laid back. I send all of my clients a guide on how to prepare for our session beforehand, that way you know exactly what to expect. My approach to newborn sessions is mostly photojournalistic, while also mixing in some relaxed portraits of your baby all swaddled up and cozy. I aim to capture the tender moments of you gazing into your baby's eyes, their tiny hand wrapped around your finger, the grooves of their hair and fresh flakey skin. All of the details you'll never want to forget.  

so you can remember it all.

The Experience

I want our session to feel like a casual day in the life — I encourage you to have activities planned, which could be as simple as baking cookies, a picnic in your backyard, a bubble bath, or a trip to the playground. Though I will aim to get a few shots of everyone smiling at me, we will mostly be focusing on your connections.

I love capturing movement, fluidity, beautiful light and shadows. I shoot at a variety of different angles, capturing the up-close details and wide views too. I will guide you throughout or session so you'll never be left not knowing what to do. I use minimal poses, and instead play games and use prompts that help bring out movement and emotion. 

For newborn sessions, your plan should be to feel comfortable at home. That's it. Whether your house is tidy, or it looks like a hurricane hit -- I don't care. Just be ready to embrace whatever it is, and focus on the bond you share with your family. I will bring all of my blankets and swaddles for you to choose from, so you don't  need to worry about any outfits for the baby. 

Home is where you're supposed to be in these early days, and I want your experience with me to feel relaxed and memorable. These sessions are baby-led, so if we need to pause for a feeding or diaper change, that's what we'll do. I love to document those in-between moments too.

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