Hi, it's me, Sam.

I'm first a mother to the most special little girl, and a wife to my husband, who is a NYC-based tattoo artist. For several years I worked in sales and marketing, and to put it plainly, I was miserable. I longed to do something more creative; more meaningful with my time. Once I discovered my love for photography, I went all in on it. I started my business as a side hustle in 2019, and went full-time when my daughter was born just a few years later. The sense of fulfillment that I feel in being a photographer and documenting your most cherished memories is just indescribable. 

Besides all that, we recently bought a house in Shelton, CT and this native New Yorker is really starting to love the New England way of life. I love long walks, deep conversations, thrifting, happy hour, the NY Yankees, and homemade pasta. Our family days are spent either at home or on some sort of adventure with our little girl. 


I'm like to switch things up a bit...

My focus is on love and connections. To be honest, I don't worry much about perfect poses, plastered smiles, or messy homes. What I care about the most is that you feel comfortable, and that your experience with me is a fond one. That's why I take a more laid back approach, so that my sessions feel more like a casual hang, instead of an elaborate production. I'm going to help bring out those raw and natural emotions in you that make photography so special.

So whatever season of life you're currently in -- that's where I'll meet you. I want the images that we capture together to make you feel all the feels for years to come.


I hope that these images of families playing at home with their children, and couples giggling at each other's inside jokes move you in a way that makes you see how special our authentic human connections are.

I hope you can envision yourself in these photos, and understand that these seemingly ordinary times are very likely going to be what you'll want to remember years from now.

I hope when you look at my work, it feels relatable, familiar, and nostalgic.


Ask me about super 8 family films...


I had my daughter in May of 2022. 

There’s a song lyric by Taylor Swift that I would use to describe our time trying to conceive: “hell was the journey but it brought me heaven”, and if you have experienced infertility or loss, then I’m sure you might relate. 

When she arrived, everything changed in me for the better. I share this with you, from one mama to another, because I want you to know that I see you. I know what it is to sacrifice, to love someone in a way that transcends universes, to grieve, to feel so desperate to try and remember every single detail and savor each and every moment. I know what it feels like to wake up in the morning, look at your child and think... "Oh my god, you grew again... how did this happen so fast?"

So my promise to you, is that I will help you freeze those moments, and those details that you never want to forget so that you can always look back and remember it all.


love story

My husband and I tied the knot back in 2018. We met in our early teenage years and stuck like glue ever since. We grew up together, and saw each other through so many different (and very awkward) versions of ourselves. Witnessing him be the absolute best dad in the world is my favorite version of him yet.

Tommy is an incredibly talented tattoo artist, and he is the owner of Top Shelf Tattooing in Bayside, Queens. So yea... we're both artsy and self-employed. Besides that, we love traveling, a good BBQ, hiking, The Yankees, movie nights, and above all else, we love doing parenthood together -- except when it's three in the morning and we haven't slept... we don't love that.


What inspires me?

I'll let these photographs speak for themselves:



There are not enough good words to describe how wonderful it was working with Sam! She was so professional, organized, responsive, and on the day of put me completely at ease. We were thrilled with her pictures, and loved having Sam as our wedding photographer. We highly recommend her!

-Leena s.





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