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To be invited to document one of the most special days of your life is not something I take lightly. Every single capture from the day you tie the knot becomes an heirloom; a keepsake for not only you, but for your children – your children’s children and so on. I think about myself flipping through my parents wedding albums and feel so grateful to have those photographs. I can’t wait to show them to my daughter when she's older. On your big day, I’ll be by your side capturing every detail, from the cufflinks on your wrist to the minute you say “I do”, and every sweet moment in-between. 

So you decided to tie the knot


No one love story is the same, but they’re all so beautiful in their own way. Whether you’re the playful type, the affectionate type, or the “we have no idea what we’re doing in front of the camera” type — your love deserves to be documented exactly as it is. My goal is to understand you both as individuals and as a couple, and then to capture you in a way that’s true and authentic. 

So you found your soulmate

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Becoming a mother has changed the way I approach my family photo sessions. It’s made me understand the depths of your love; the wild journey that is parenthood. I now realize that a parent grows just as much as their child does. I know we photographers talk a lot about unposed, natural, and raw emotions – of course that’s always the goal but there’s so much more to it. Your photo session should be a time to make real memories together. Step outside of your day to day, that busy routine, and really look at each other. Look at how you’ve all grown together, take it all in. Your vulnerability is what makes a single photograph a beautiful piece of art. 

So it’s time for family photos


I am honored every time I get to document a milestone event. I take pride in capturing the sweet little details that you worked so hard to curate, and of course all of the big moments too! I love to take a “fly on the wall” approach and freeze the warm greetings between family and friends, the reactions be it laughter or even tears — all of that matters to me when I’m documenting your special day.

So it’s time to celebrate

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

i'm ready for this!

– Marc Riboud





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